Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bienvenue! - Welcome!

Welcome to the  L'ébénisterie Créole, the premier resource for the South Louisiana Traditional Woodworker. This is the on-line presence of an ongoing collaboration between The LSU Agriculture Dept at the Rural Life Museum and Jean Becnel, a teacher, historian and student of tradition with a focus on woodworkers and other craftsmen and women of the early Gulf Coast.

New articles will be posted regularly along with large updates bi-monthly to coincide with the release of our newsletter.

The  L'ébénisterie Créole Newsletter will keep you up to date on up coming classes and events of interest to the Traditional Woodworker as well as include helpful advise and interesting articles. It is also my intention to provide videos covering all of these same topics in the future!

If you have been here before, you may notice that we've changed our name! It was high time we chose a more appropriate name and I believe  L'ébénisterie Créole ( Ley-bey-nist-a-re Cree-ohl ) is quite fitting.  L'ébénisterie Créole translates to The Creole Joiner or The Cajun Furniture Builder.

You may look through the the newsletter Archive's, sign-up for the it or visit our FaceBook page!


- Jean Becnel
 L'ébénisterie Créole

ps. I know many of your are patiently waiting for new content, my apologies. I have been so absorbed in real projects the virtual ones have fallen by the wayside a bit. I promise to make it up to you all and get new and exciting content up soon! - Jean

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