Monday, May 6, 2013

LSU - Fall Classes are Coming!

I am making the class schedule for this fall.

The classes planned for are as follows:

Introduction to Hand Tools and Joinery.
- Two 7 hr days (4 Student Max)

Advanced Joinery Techniques
- One 8 hr day (4 Student Max)

Harvesting Lumber with Hand Tools
- One 6 hr day under the Oaks. (10 Student Max)

The classes will be offered twice each this Fall and will take place on week-ends.

I already have several individuals wanting the intro class so there is a possibility I will offer it a 3rd time during the week. Dates have not been established yet. Nonetheless, e-mail me if you are interested. Those who have contacted me early will get first dibs on the dates before they are offered publicly.

Have a great week!

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