Saturday, July 6, 2013

L'ébénisterie Créole in the News!

L'ébénisterie Créole in the News!

For those who missed it, DIG Magazine came out and did a little story on us and our project! Check it out in print or on-line!

See the article here!

Hope you all had a Happy and Healthy 4th of July Week-End!

As an update on classes, the LSU Leisure Program is now out of the picture. They are having staffing problems and some difficulties continuing the programs they already have. That doesn't work for me so we have moved on from that and will provide the classes directory. This is actually a good thing as it will allow our program a higher level of self-funding and to grow our resources and offering more quickly.

The first class is slotted for early October, I hope you are all ready to do some Traditional Woodworking - Creole Style! If you have not done so yet, sign-up for the newsletter, the box at top right, so that you recieve the schedule as soon as it's available!

L'ébénisterie Créole

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