Sunday, September 1, 2013

Call for Volunteers!

The museum is accumulating quite a large collection of vintage tools and we need help!

With the exception of saws and some misc chisels we will be using only vintage tools - that's right, if it's less than approx 75 yrs old it will not be in the classroom. That said I have a LOT of cleaning that needs to be done on them before they are put into student use. Therefore I am arranging to have a tool party!.. no floaties required.

I will have all of the tools treated for rust and one week-end this Early Fall we will take over the the Archaeology Lab (Thanks Julie, Cliff & David!) and get them all clean, sharpened and tuned. It seems like a lot of work (around 100 hand planes alone) but I will share some tips to make quick work of it and we will have a good time just getting to know other traditional woodworkers in the area.

I will provide food and refreshments and I am looking for 4-6 people interested in helping. Due to the nature of it all and the limited timeline I ask that only those with some experience with this type of work or some basic working knowledge of hand tools attend. That said, I will not turn down help from those who feel they are capable.

Those attending will get A LOT of experience sharpening in a very small amount of time! lol

The tools we will be working on are Planes, Moulding Planes (maybe), Chisels, Hatchets, Squares, etc.

For those that come out for a full day be it the Sat or Sun I will give them free admission to the Primitive Lumbering Class.

Also, I am still looking for smalls! If you have any of the very necessary tools for a beginning student such as marking knives, dividers, marking gauges, or really any tools you are willing to donate or sell to the museum for a reasonable price please contact me. 

I can not tell you how important this work is and how much I will appreciate any help you all can give.

I will further advise by News Letter and this post when a date for this is established. I need to round up a few more planes and many more chisels before we begin. I believe we shall be able to get them all taken care of in one week-end. If not we will schedule a second day.

Please use the contact form at right to volunteer or for more information.


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