Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Busy Week-End and New Reasearch

It was a busy week-end!

This past week-end was almost busy enough to be an appropriate end to such a month as I've had..
The 18th Annual Harvest Days at the LSU Rural Life Museum took place and was once again a great success! I was a bit wiser after last year and did fewer demonstrations with a set schedule so I recovered much more quickly than last year!... and burned much less ethanol along the way.

One thing to note is that I released some new information on timber hewing that is the result of this past years on-going research.

Turns out many of us historians and interpeters were misinterpreting the single most common type of tool mark found on timbers. I'm not sure where the error first began but it was something that had to be recreated many many times to understand.

I'll be revising some of my existing writings to reflect that as well as releases a short body of work on it.

For those who missed Harvest Days I will be at Oak Alley Plantation doing similar demonstrations on the 26th & 27th of this month, October.

A big thanks to everyone who came out to see the festival and help support the museum, also to all of those who introduced themselves after demonstrations and the many new blog subscribers that resulted!

I only see a small portion of what goes on to make these events a success and I have to say the fine folks at the LSU Rural Life Museum are dedicated like no others - It is not difficult to see why and how they have been able to carry on for so many years.

I look forward to the many more years to come!


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