Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Furnishing Louisiana - A Complete Study of Gulf Coast Furnishings

If you enjoy stunning pictures of antique furnishings & architecture, relish learning about 18th & 19th century history or are a true student of traditional craftsmanship you need this book!

No, it's not a new publication, but Furnishing Louisiana: Creole and Acadian Furniture, 1735-1835 is, without doubt, the most complete study of early Louisiana Furnishings to date. Dr Jack Holden, the owner of a mind bending collection of original pieces, and others worked closely with collectors, museums, scholars and journeymen to assemble over 1,200 photos and illustrations along with detailed studies of furnishings as well as delving into contributing factors such as climate and cultural roots.

This publication is my main reference in the shop - if I need to see a detail of a historically prominent piece I find it in the book and there it is with pictures and information I need. If that still isn't enough detail I call up the talented cabinet maker, David Broussard who more than likely has done some element of conservative work on the piece, and pick his brain.
It's about time I purchased another copy as mine is certainly showing the years of heavy use and a life on the back seat of my truck where it resides to ensure it is always near by.

Furnishing Louisiana is a publication by The Historic New Orleans Collection. The book it a bit pricey, I know, but worth every penny spent. Nowhere else can you purchase that much education in one consolidated place. Have your computer jog on over to the HNOC's On-Line Store and order a copy. You won't regret it!

ps. Elizabeth Dorman, one of the original editors, is currently working on assembling all of the book's illustrations as well as a couple thousand other not in the published work into a searchable on-line database. Once it becomes available I will certainly let you all know - though it may be some time coming.


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