Thursday, February 20, 2014

Creole Cabriole Leg Table - Plans

For those more inclined to use plans in building furniture and who want to make a go at Creole Furniture here are the plans offered by Taunton and designed by Greg Arceneaux. I suspect a result of a recent article in FWWThe table's appearance is that of Creole but the unseen elements are not historically accurate*. While that's a generous statement this is an easy build for those wanting encouragement and help to build a table resembling a Cabriole Leg Table - as defined by Dr. Jack Holden of Furnishing Louisiana.

And here is  another pseudo Cabriole Leg Table plan by Christopher Schwarz. Though inaccurate* in form and design it still gives another set of plans to look at - and these are free.

*Please note - when I use the term historically inaccurate it refers to numerous details present that would not be on historic examples as well as omissions of design generally but not always seen in surviving pieces. This is in no way a critique of the author, of said plans or the differences contained. I am sure they have their reasons be it for ease of build or otherwise.

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