Friday, April 4, 2014

Journals of a Housewright - Intro

I intended to start a series here on the blog called "Journals of a Housewright" where I would chronicle my preservation work at the LSU Rural Life Museum. Unfortunately I overlooked the fact that I am a complete workaholic and I rarely take the time to snap pictures prior to diving in on a project.

That said I do have a pretty cool one to share with y'all next week. I'm rebuilding a corn crib barn door from the early 19th Century that actually has wooden hinges - it is the only example of a wooden hinge door we have and it is some cool!

I should have it completed Sat and will get a little story about it, the reconstruction and a complete rebuild of it done next week. I intend to build a reproduction of it with appropriate hand tools as an exhibit inside the museum where I can encourage people to put hands on it.

To some things up, this post is pretty lack-luster but I wanted to at least say I will try harder to document the preservation work going on as well as write about the work being done... and there is NO end in sight the to preservation work required. We are, after all, rated in the top 10 outdoor museums in the world!

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