Saturday, November 15, 2014

Historical Structural Preservation - Gulf Coast

I am in the process of doing something unheard of... Establishing a set of standards and codes for Historic Preservation in the Gulf Coast Region.

What does this mean? It means I am calling all individuals involved in Historic Preservation of the Gulf Coast Region to:

1) Give me a shout. Email, Call, Smoke Signals, or whatever means works for you.

2) If you are able, join the facebook group - Historical Structural Preservation - Gulf Coast

3) Be ready for a notification of a meeting to be held at the LSU Rural Life Museum for a round table discussion.

When I began studying Louisiana Trades I felt quite isolated and had difficulty finding resources. Again when I began taking a more academic approach to preservation I again found it difficult to locate resources in the form of publications and people. This all, including the meeting, will be meant as a meet and greet and sharing of info and resources. It is geared towards making these resources easily and readily available to the public.

It is my hope to make preservation efforts of both public and privately owned sites and artifacts accessible. I would like to publish a resource guide, a sort of whose who, so that when you need Bousillage resources you are provided a list of publications and personnel who excel in this field. Need information on building stabilization, historic use of tools, teaching resources... here ya go. Here are the books and people involved in that.

This will obviously be a collective issue and the results will only be a good as we make it. As it stands right now, this resource I am speaking of may already exist... but who knows about it? If it does, where is it? Let's make it more accessible.

I have spoken to many in the field and this project has been met with encouragement and optimism. I will notify all those who I know in preservation when the first meeting date is set. The point of this post is to let others know about the plan - so please share it with all Gulf Coast Preservationist you know!


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