Thursday, September 10, 2015

Presenting at the German Coast Farmer's Market

September 9th, 2015

Fall is here once again, and once again those of us with German heritage begin thinking about Octoberfest. Last year I spoke and demonstrated at the German Coast Farmer's Market in Destrehan, LA - the heart of Louisiana's German Coast, It would seem that I didn't do to terrible of a job because they've asked me to return this year. Therefore on October 10th I will take a temporary reprieve from my usual week-end activity of chasing Louisiana's plentiful game animals and deliver a demonstration and lecture at the market.

The topic will obviously involve the Germans who came and settled along the banks of Louisiana's Mississippi River. Those hearty Germans made New Orleans a stable and habitable town by devolving agricultural and sending the much needed meat and vegetables down river on rafts to feed the people of that struggling new born city. I have not decided which historic trades I shall be demonstrating yet however it is sure to be related to the use of timber in early settling and agricultural endeavors.

Come out and see me there on October 10th, 2015! While there you can also do a little grocery shopping among the market's many vendors!

For more information on the market, visit the German Coast Farmer's Market.

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