My Favorite Things

I'm going to tell you about a couple of my favorite things. No, this isn't a advertisement and no I do not have any affiliation with nor do I profit from them. This is simply a list of things I find helpful to the life of a Dark Ages Hand Tooler such as myself. 

O'Keeffe's Working Hands -
We aren't known for very blustery winters here in South Louisiana, usually we experience Winter on the second Tuesday of December and then it's back to Summer again! None the less my hands would become dry and cracked to the point I was leaving a bloody DNA signature on all of my furniture! Regular moisturizers dont work for me because it softens my hands and I cant have that - I earned these calluses. O'Keeffe's Working Hands solved that! No more cracked hands and no greasy residue on my tools or work. Its a win-win for me!

Renaissance Wax
I restore a lot of old tools and a lot of old tools have wooden components. This is hands down, bar none the best wax for wooden vintage tools. It cleans and protects those precious wooden moulding planes like no other. It also last far longer than the name brand paste wax I used previously. It also works wonderfully on iron plane soles.

Evapo-Rust Rust Remover -
Again, like a lot of hand toolers, I restore a lot of tool for use in my shop. Evapo-Rust makes that job much easier. While Electrolysis works very well for large metal items I do not use it on any items where i'm concerned with preserving metal plating or jappaning such as with iron hand planes. Simply soaking those items for a couple of hours leaves them clean and rust free. Unfortunately it may leave a grey patina but this can be buffed off.

*An interesting turn of events! I contacted the above companies requesting permission to use the above product images and was quickly granted so - even better though some of the companies inquired as to what I was doing and then no questions asked shipped me sample size containers of the products... which means they will be free for the taking along with a few other things in a goody bag to those attending classes with me this year!

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